Mariemont Legacy Foundation

The Mariemont Legacy Foundation provides resources to sustain, beautify, and enhance The Village Of Mariemont and the surrounding community, enriching its culture and quality of life.

The Mariemont Legacy Foundation was established in 2022 on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the groundbreaking for the Village of Mariemont by Mary Emery on April 23, 1923. The official letter of determination establishing the Foundation was dated November 14, 2022.

 The foundation was created to enhance the quality of life in the Village of Mariemont by engaging community resources of skill, interest, and finances to accomplish projects that supplement and extend the assets and services of the Village of Mariemont.

The Mariemont Legacy Foundation fulfills its mission in five principal ways:

Provides a forum for the generation, exploration, and execution of innovative and inclusive enhancements to the Village Of Mariemont.

Provides a hub for the creation and management of funds and endowments that support our mission of advancing the quality of life in the Village Of Mariemont.

Provides a forum for the definition, adaptation, and perpetuation of long-term vision for the Village Of Mariemont.

Communicates the existence and mission of the fund to seek out and stimulate support; provides the resources and structure to facilitate giving.

Provides direct funding and complementary resource support to projects and initiatives in the Village Of Mariemont that are consistent with our mission.

We are committed to doing our work in accordance with the following values:


The Foundation must have integrity in the eyes of the Village and surrounding community. The Foundation’s decisions must be transparent and understandable and be made independent of self-interest or undue influence of others.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Foundation must serve all of its diverse community. The Foundation must support the priorities of, and seek and make decisions based on input from, diverse elements of the community.


The Foundation must work in support of and in partnership with others in the community including Village Government, state and local agencies, other Mariemont organizations, and the surrounding communities.


Long-term Vision

The Foundation must undertake longer-term efforts to address Village issues and opportunities.


The Foundation must on an ongoing basis evaluate its work and the progress of the Village broadly so as to hold itself accountable for the impact of its efforts.


The Foundation recognizes the deep and proud heritage and must be vigorous to support and protect the heritage and the institutions of Mariemont.